Aquaculture Analytics
uses new technology to work for the benefit of fish farmers.

It helps you to transform captured data into knowledge, through state-of-the-art data science mining processes, and use this information to boost performance, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.

It helps you to understand and quantify the interaction between all the factors affecting the success of your production. You will be able to know how environmental parameters, feed types, feed composition, feeding rates and practices, net changes, production management strategies influence your production in terms of fish growth, mortality rate, FCR, production time, etc.

Aquaculture Analytics will help you to:

Know if the feeding and the management of the fish is done in the right way.

Continuously evaluate the performance of your production

Evaluate feed, feed suppliers, hatcheries, feeding policies, people, management practices, nets, etc.

Identify patterns and trends in your production, find the reasons for poor performance and then focus to the most important ones in order to improve.

Optimize feeding and growth models which will have a great impact on feeding efficiency, cost and environmental impact.

Better estimate fish populations and adjust feeding, based on the fish population and the behavior of the fish.

Identify warning signs that may indicate problems such as diseases.

Unlock the power
of your data.